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Let the Children and Schools Sparkle

India has 1.47 million schools with 130 million children with the challenges most of them confronted with "dysfunctional, child-unfriendly and vandalized toilets, and lack of water and sanitation facilities."" As a consequence 1.4 million chldren die before they turn 5.

Issuses indetified in community

  1. Lack of facilities (Proper water supply, Sanititation, Needed Furniture, Toilet Blocks, Library, E-Learniong & etc.,) in Government Achools lead to Health, Attitude & Community problems.

Possible Solution

  1. Constructing toilet blocks with water, hand washing stations & required facilities.
  2. Setting up e-learning centers.
  3. Setting up library and science lab.


  1. students raise funds for students
  2. private schools raise funds for Govt.Schools
  3. Rotary Match the funds raised by students/schools
  4. Giving Solution to the above problems
  5. Projects named with the schools who raise the funds

Implementation Procedure

  1. Rotary clubs approch private schools to raise funds through their students.
  2. Rotary clubs will circulate the forms provided by the district.
  3. Schools collect the forms and collected funds from students,then handover to the club,clubs handover to district account.
  4. Private school and rotary club,jointly select a goverment school and type of project needed for the government school,along with quoatation.
  5. District committee will analyse the cost,approve the prject and release advance funds.once the project is completed District committee will inspect the project site and release the balance funds.

Fund Raising Plan

  • Every club in the district will participate in the project.
  • Every member of the club will be assigned with 10 student volunteers.
  • For eg.we shall work with a club of 30 members.if the club has 30 members then they will work with 300 student volunteers.
  • The club will focus on a school and motivate the students of that school to volunteer the project.
  • Each volunteer will take responsibility to collect a minimum of Rs.500/- for the project.
  • For eg.300 student will collect Rs.1,50,000/-
  • The amount collected by the school(eg.!,50,000/-) will be matched by the District i.e 1,50,000/- and the total project cost will be Rs.3,00,000/-
  • The total clubbed amount will be used to improve the infrastructure of a government school chosen by the club/school/joitly.
  • The project proposal will be submitted by the club to the district in required format for approval.
  • The District reserves the right to approve/modify the project

Project Ideas

  • Toilet Blocks
  • Purified Drinking Water
  • Hand Wash Stations
  • Bore Well with overhead tanks
  • Library
  • Furniture
  • E-Learning facilities

Rtn. R. Anandha Jothi,
Project Chairman

RC of Dindigul Queen City

98946 42571